What participants say about the Mindfulness programs

From the meditation COURSES and WORKSHOPS:

"I'm more relaxed; can swim more (20 laps now!) and feel there is more clarity in my life which allows me to be calmer.  My concentration has improved too."

"I'm more calm and focused;  I have better decision-making in everyday life.  I am less anxious."

"I have more understanding of how to deal with my emotions; able to tolerate physical pain and see it as an impermanent thing."

"I learned heaps about myself and how to deal with things that come up every day.  I'm also learning to be more compassionate!"

"I feel I have gone from a place of believing to knowing. Not sure exactly what happened to 'flip' me over from one to another perhaps it is just the cumulative effect. All I know is I love it.  I have never ever had such continuous clear thinking as I have at this present moment."        Carol McGowan

... and from participants in the RETREATS:

"The program felt open and very well organised. It wasn't regimented which I liked; however the schedule was maintained
well without feeling [there were] any time restrictions.

"The whole experience is very nurturing, welcoming and
considerate of everyone.  The program is a great way to
introduce and experience one's knowledge and practice
of mindfulness meditation."        Kirsty Cassidy

"[The retreat facilitation] was sensitive to everyone's feelings.
[There was] lots of variety, lots of space; a very light touch. 

"I felt deeply loved and cared for. I also learnt to be more gentle with myself and to love myself more. The other participants were also gentle people. Thank you Mandy."        Linda Davison

"The experience became more enriching for me as the retreat proceeded - a very good sign!

"I felt held safely by the group/Mandy/the retreat environment.  I feel more confident to continue meditation. 

"I feel the whole experience has met some deep needs and given me emotional strength. A very positive experience."        Victoria Foster

"[What I particularly liked about the program were] the ideas for use in everyday life, making the mandalas, lunch in the garden, the bushwalk in a mindful state - we just sat in communal silence. I also liked the silent time."