Fitness & sport


    The most effective physical exercise is that which also engages the mind to increase
    the health and benefit of both.

    This is possible because the relationship between body and mind has the
    potential to open up a space where our mental flexibility and physical power
    can join forces to increase the impact of our fitness program, and inspire the
    goals and aspirations we set up for it. 

    Powered by sharp focus, the flow of our muscles seduces the flow of the  
    mind. Together they enter into a relationship that extends the potential of the
    exercise, relaxes the mind, and entices the breath to allow more oxygen into
    the body.

                                             In essence, our exercise becomes a meditation. And we leave it enlivened by
                                             a sharp mind and with a powerful sense of wellbeing.  

It is this focus and exactly the same application of the skills which build it that elevates simple exercise to significant mental power in whatever sport or fitness program you undertake. By learning and practising the application of concentration skills such as those that mindfulness mediation delivers, you too can achieve mastery of your mind-body relationship. I can assure you it will be among the best you ever have!  

For more on this simple yet profound concept watch the video below which features Eckhart Tolle, best-selling author of The Power of Now. In it he's talking about 'the zone' and how its mastery, via the building of refined mental focus in sport, is the secret to the success of all leading athletes like Tiger Woods, who is considered by some to be the greatest athlete of all time.